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Allegheny College Stitches in Rhyme with Nancy photo
Allegheny College Stitches in Rhyme is the second book written and illustrated by Nancy Asmus. The story starts where every college student begins at the admissions office. And if you are fortunate enough you would hear " congratulations we want you here's your financial backing so get ready get going and commence with your packing. The book takes you on a journey to many beloved spots on the campus buy ciprofloxacin . Each illustration has a small character "Timothy the Squirrel" tucked away in the pattern ending at the Bicentennial Plaza for graduation day. The book is dedicated to all past,present and future Allegheny College Alumni. Truly a book to be enjoyed by all ages .Who knows how many children,and grand children will end up on this beautiful campus all because of a little squirrel! The book set comes with the patterns for Timothy the Squirrel and of course the hard bound book printed in the USA.