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My shop as it was in 2006In August of 2006 I discovered my shop site at 940 Park  Avenue Meadville,Pa.

         Ed Fine had purchased  this amazing site  orginallyconstructed  as the Park Theater,then a bank and finally he purchased  2005.He   totally  refurbished,repurposed and renovated  it to its  original state of1956 and then named and reopened  in 2005   @thebank. Ed had this wonderful idea to allow individuals to rent square footage thus how my shop evolved. I came in August and immediately was drawn to the space under the steps. I quickly asked him is THAT space available? He said you want your shop under the steps ? I said yes exactly. He said but you will hit your head! 

            When our daughters were small girls in our laundry room there was a place under the steps that we carpeted and wallpapered  it was their playroom as well as many friends. WELL I finally had my own playroom. Did you ever try to decorate under steps??!- pieces of furniture have to be narrow in graduated sizes  cheap and unique. I laid out the plans on graph paper and presented them to Ed.

       Over the next couple of weeks I set up the space  I used old windows and doors hinged together  to create walls  Started bringing in ALL my suppliies and working on signs to tell people what it is I do.  Sent out invitations and refered to it as “MY  small  cozy corner of commerce” It does look like much but it was a huge task.Name needed to be registered,papers drawn up with the lawyer,tax id forms submitted sales license required.Sign for the window and hundreds of small swatchs of fabric set up in stand. ALOT but I had every day mapped out  for my opening day sept.23

        I had one week to go before I opened so I agreed to accompany  my Mother to Chicago to visit her great grandchildren.Something  unexpected happened…………………..