Fabric Art - Applique

Fugagli in Fabric, Market House Applique

Chautauqua Bat Dance

chautauque bat dance, a children's book, image
"One night nine Chautauqua bats were flying around the Miller's Bell Tower . Suddenly they heard music so they flew over to the amphitheater where the orchestra was playing Die Fledermaus by Strauss and they start to dance and form a pattern ....."
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Stitches in Rhyme

Allegheny College - Stitches in Rhyme, a children's book, cover image
"Allegheny College Stitches in Rhyme is the second book written and illustrated by Nancy Asmus. The story starts where every college student begins, at the admissions office. And if you are fortunate enough you would hear, "Congratulations we want you ....."
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Nancy Asmus at her "Sewing Garden" in the Meadville Market House
Here is fabric artist Nancy Asmus, surrounded  by her work in her shop, "Nancy's Sewing Garden" in the Market House in Meadville, Pennsylvania.

Nancy Asmus (Pronounced oz-mus) is a fiber artist, from Conneaut Lake, PA, who works with fabric and thread to create scenes of architecture and nature.

With experience as a freelance artist and crafter, her pieces take on a uniquely American Crafts style that maintains the integrity of the structure using various techniques and materials.

She concentrates on subjects that illustrate her experience and enthusiasm for color, design, and balance; carefully layering fabrics of shades, prints, and textures, while building warmth and character into her pieces.

She continuously works with qualities of light and water effects to create movement and depth, experimenting with hand-dyed fabrics and various piecing techniques, while playing on perspective and scale.

Nancy has created a substantial career for herself as an artist, designer, teacher and lecturer. She continually promotes sewing as an art form available to anyone who wants to be inspired or involved.

If you are ever in Meadville be sure to stop in. Nancy's machine appliqued originals and extrordinarly well done prints are always on display. This is the kind of art you really need to see to appreciate and the prints you need to see to believe buy citalopram .

Nancy Asmus Fabric Artist in her former shop, @ the bank
Here is fabric artist Nancy Asmus, surrounded  by her work in her former shop, "Nancy's Under the Steps" on Park Avenue, @ the bank  in Meadville, Pennsylvania.