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Unexpected happening

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                            My Mother and I flew to Chicago to visit my sister her daughter  and her children from California  My Mom had a wonderful weekend spending time with her great grandchildren. We were preparing to fly home  Monday morning. Sunday evening as she was going upstairs she accidently fell and bruised her hip. My sister and I assured her she was okay her knees were fine ,but sadly in the middle of the night she called out to us she needed help as she was in great discomfort. She was taken to the hospital and it was determined that surgery would be necessary to repair her fractured hip.Suddenly my shop seemed so unimportant and all I wanted to do was stay and be with her and my sister.My mother insisted that I return home on Monday without her.I respected my mom’s wishes but it saddened me greatly to leave and frankly one of the hardest things I have done .I am always there for my Mom.

       I had four days to basically prepare for my Grand Opening on Saturday. My omph and drive was gone. A great friend  of mine said can I help you my initial response was no thank you but then I said yes you could.Kate spent the next four days - ALL day helping put my little shop   into working condition.

         It is truly a gift that I will never forget and probably ever be able  to repay but I keep trying. My grand opening was successful, friends and family came. Our daughters even flew from  washington dc to surprise me. I was so excited but also saddened that my Mom wasn’t were but her surgery was finished andwas  now recuperating .

A former customer of mine spoke to me that opening day and made a request for a  custom piece which indeed gave me a reason to show up Monday morning and so I did…………………………….

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