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bogo bogo bogo

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my first commission  piece        So Monday morning comes and I start on my very first order after taking the necessary photos and getting approval form Vora .I begin to make her back yard for her daughter(S) Did I mention that she has 3 grown girls and she wanted me to do 3 of the same backyard.  The house and trees are indentical BUT the gardens are all different because anyone who gardens knows that each day brings a change .  I also did her front door as well. She was the very first person to refer to me as an artist so I told her she will get  the deal  of the century.Buy one get one free,buy one get one  free and BUY ONE GET ONE FREE .For the next couple of months I worked on these SIX appliques the funny thing was  people would say are you STILL working on that same  picture I would say just a bit grumply I have to do three of each. Well they were finished and I moved on to other custom pieces.

Like one day I was asked -could you applique a moose in the bathtub???………………

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