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     So at my shop I have a service called Showcasing the Art of your Home.My personal belief is there is art everywhere  if you just look closely.

I utilize a design element in a person’s home as the inspiration for a valance table topper etc. I had made several items for customers by using  their wallpaper,fabric patterns on furniture to make valances. But what I didn’t see coming was one day when this lovely lady came into my shop. She rolled out this piece of wallpaper border (see bottom of photo) and said do you think you could  make a valance for our bathroom to coordinate with this paper.Whoa I drew out the background and tub okay but the moose was tough. I asked my friend and fellow artist (same person) Diann. She being a amazing  friend made me a moose with antlers,skinny kneecaps and all. I really think one of my favorite things about my shop is how she and I work on small projects together.I do quick sewing projects for her  at times and she gives me much appreciated  art lessons on shadows and color  shading. Who knew that a building wasn’t actually one color …………………………………

One response to “A MOOSE IN WHAT??”

  1. Jude

    Ok..I am lovin’ this moose! Good for you!

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